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About the owner & designer, Maggie Eschell....

Born and raised in California, Maggie has been producing handbags since 2007. Soon after she began, she found a successful market outside of the United States, selling her products to stores in Germany, Australia and more. She has been making custom bags for ladies right here in the United States for many years, and in 2013 she decided it was time to start a website of her own. 


Maggie produces her designs based off inspiration from vintage upholstery styles, with a focus on automotive upholstery. She has long had a love for all things vintage, but cars have always been her number one passion. 


Femme Fatale Handbags is a one woman show. This means Maggie source's the supply, designs each item, drafts the patterns, constructs the items, she made and regularly updates the website, handles all photography, shipping, and so much more!


Each item is 100% handcrafted right here in sunny California, using top quality upholstery materials, for that authentic look and feel!

Photo Credit: Roy Varga 2015

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