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V8 Emblem Necklace

V8 Emblem Necklace


Emblem is made from white bronze and has an 18" metal chain. The V8 is created using the lost wax casting method. The design is hand carved in wax, sized, and then cast in white bronze.


Measures Approx: 2" tall X 2.5" wide


White bronze can tarnish over time, much like silver does. We recommend using a flannel polishing cloth to clean the pieces. Please see care instructions. 

V8 Emblem Necklace

  • Occasionally wiping the surface with a soft cloth before storing it will remove any body oils and dirt. Follow the steps below to clean your jewelry if you notice your white bronze piece(s) taking on more of a yellowish color.


    To keep your your white bronze  jewelry looking it's best:

    -Never shower, swim or bath with it on
    -Don’t keep items in the bathroom, or other humid places
    -Keep your white bronze items away from household chemicals & cleaners


    You may find that after time white bronze may leave a residue or greenish color on your skin. This is a normal chemical recation to metal on the skin. This will wash right off, and does not affect the integrity of the necklace.

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